This past weekend Play Rugby USA (PRUSA) and many other organizations joined Let’s Move, and Fitness Feria to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for America’s youth in the Let’s Move CA: Fitness Feria. The goal of the event was to teach Spanish-speaking parents how to navigate the U.S. fitness system so they can help instill the importance of health and fitness in their children’s everyday lives.

The event featured over 40 sports and fitness demonstrations including archery, judo, cheerleading, boxing, running, basketball, and of course rugby. The venue served as a perfect opportunity for PRUSA to accomplish its mission of “Developing Youth Through Rugby.” It was able to spread the game of rugby to children and parents alike and educate people on the importance of maintaining an active life.

PRUSA hosted a wide variety of people, as children between the ages of 3 and 13 along with a number of parents received their first taste of rugby. Each participant was taught the basic rules for the game before engaging in their first ever game of flag rugby. Many students dove in head first picking up the fundamentals quickly. Others began more timidly, but in a few minutes time, they were carrying the ball across the try-line. Through the hard work and dedication of many PRUSA Youth Development Mentors, all participants witnessed the passion, enthusiasm, and commitment PRUSA YDMs have for the greatest sport on earth. The event proved to be a success as PRUSA spread its message to parents and other organizations, and most importantly sparked an interest for rugby in more of America’s youth!